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KL Visual Order Manager DEMO

KL Visual Order Manager is multi-function tool for managing orders and charts. First, I created this tool (end of 2012) to separate chart analysis from order lines that cause mess and make chart unclear, especially when you use many time frames. Gradually I added another functions. KLVOM as core is related or interacts with my other indicators, which all together are using for managing orders and charts. This is tool that I’m using every day. Great tool for Scalpers and Day Traders.

With KLVOM, you can manage many orders easily and intuitively moving short lines of orders. You can drag their left end or middle point at any place on chart to compare it with tops, bottom and so on.  Also you can manage multiple orders with one common SL, TP and BE. From order labels, you know the value of SL, TP, current profit, pips distance and more. On higher timeframes, order labels are hidden in order not to overlap one another.  KLVOM allows you take partial profits at additional TP1, TP2 levels or close one half of the lot size of order(s) when BE level will be reached. You may say why, while I can take 100% at TP. So, if your risk reward ratio (RR) of your trades  is 1:3 and you are still not profitable, then what is RR of opposite site represented by your broker. Is it 3:1? It is simplification that shows you that taking partial profits can be very profitable, because the future direction of price is uncertain.

In SCALP mode (see settings) KLVOM creates TP1 and TP2 automatically. KLVOM also can take screenshot whenever orders are closed or deleted with detailed description on the chart (order start/end, date, gain and so on).  From version 3.0 KLVOM can set your chart properties automatically while is attaching to chart (like template). From version 3.0 KLVOM works with indicator KL TLine Buy Sell Close KLVOM   that uses three trend lines (Buy, Sell and Close). With these lines, you can open a new order or close all opened orders exactly on potential tops or bottoms. Close trendline can be used as TP or SL, also it is perfect line for scalpers that can secure profits disallowing price pullback. KLVOM in this case is sending orders to broker and sends notifications to your mobile (MetaQuotes ID) as report. Also with KLVOM 3.0 works indicator Money Management and Order Screenshot  that can managing the lot size of sent orders from 0.1% of Account Balance, also this indicator shows you some important information about account and current chart.

Recently I added button “Allow” which allows managing (move) orders from other instances, EAs or charts. In this case collective SL and TP will be ungrouped on current chart, also it disables screenshots. When button “Allow” is pressed, you can drag only left end of order lines - if other instance of EA allows. Another useful thing is marker as dash above or below current candle. Marker shows you current exact (broker) price level of SL and TP. It means, when you will drag SL or TP, marker(s) will follow its line. Also marker indicate you a wrong position of TP or SL line relative to order or price. It can be caused by SL or TP that is on the wrong side or too close to price or order; in this case marker (order) level is not equal level of SL or TP line.  

Completely new KLVOM Demo 3.0 will work fully every Monday like full version. Some things like button "Back" are working only on Monday. In other days demo works 30 min. and closes 1/3 lots of orders every 1 min to prevent KLVOM against copier tools. If you open 0.10 lot order, you have about 5 minutes until order will be closed permanently. Pending orders are not deleted, so you can play with it without limitations to get to know KLVOM better.

Warning! The product is not to be used on real account because can closes orders without any warning.

For help visit http://Klore-FX.eu. This is a demo of KL Visual Order Manager (KLVOM) that you can find here.

yuanhao tsao
yuanhao tsao 2014.09.17 02:11 

I want to buy it !

aafroz2 2014.08.30 02:43 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

GHut22 2014.08.25 19:00 

good idea, many functions.

Version 4.4 2016.12.01
Upgrade for MetaTrader 4 build 1010. Added control of order lines like in trade manager 4X Lab.
Version 3.38 2015.03.26
From version 3.38 pending limit orders with common SL are automatically deleted when SL is moved by price to BE - because of its wrong SL.
Version 3.35 2015.02.13
Added auto selection of order lines. Now, you do not need to click in order to select the orders line. Also, one click is required to set/unset collective SL or TP - you do not need to delete the labels.
Version 3.1 2015.01.08
Fixed problem with locked "Monday" wallpaper, now it can be changed. Added tips: hold the pointer above an object and read a tip.
Version 3.0 2014.12.15
Completely new KLVOM demo 3.0. This demo works fully every Monday! For help visit my site Klore-FX.eu.
Version 2.7 2014.09.05
Added information "Now you can download KLVOM Trial 14days without limitation, that works on real accounts too!"

Now you can download KLVOM Trial version without limitation, annoying demo inscription and fully working on real accounts for 14 days. This offer is addressed to Traders who are seriously interested in buying the full version of KLVOM. Information about it search in a product comments or on my website Klore-FX.eu. Full version you can buy on MQL5 or MT4 Market tab.
Version 2.6 2014.08.29
/*New a few protections that remove demo from chart. New info "KLVOM Demo" and "Demo closing 1/3 lots of market orders every 1min and works 30min - sorry for the inconvenience." */
Demo is removed from chart after 30 minutes or connection to server is lost, also closes all opened orders and shows “Demo is stopped".
For remove text “Demo is stopped” add KLVOM to chart again and then remove EA from chart using context menu.
/*Demo closing 1/3 lot size of the market orders, pending orders are not deleted – no changes.*/
New sample rules file.
Push notifications panel added. You can drag panel at any place on chart.