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ZAGA Reverse Indicator Free

ZAGA Reverse Indicator


I present ZAGA, it is an indicator that anticipates the REVERSAL of a trend.

It can be used in 2 ways:

1. Exit a trend, collect benefits.

2. Opening a new operation due to a change in trend or regression.

To do this, it analyzes Market Cycles, Bulls & Bears strenght and other technical elements.

The indicator uses advanced mathematical algorithms and the calculation of price deviations from momentum,

it is able to predict a new trend or a reversal of the current trend.  ZAGA works in all temporalities.

When a new highlighted bar appears in the Histogram, a Change in price direction is expected:

1. If the Histogram is above Zero level and the histogram is highlighted, a bearish reversal is expected.

2. On the contrary, in the event that it is below the zero level, it will be bullish.


1. Zaga Period -  the number of bars used to calculate Zaga factor.

2. Calculation Coefficient - Optimized parameter for internal calculations.

3. Bars Charged=3000 - Too many bars are not necessary. Avoid slowing down your platform.

The following parameters control the characteristics of the bars according to the different intensities of the reversal:

4. High Reverse Color 

5. High Reverse Widht

6. Medium Reverse Color

7. Medium Reverse Widht

8. Low Reverse Color

9. Neutral Color

10. Neutral Widht

11. Show Divergences Background

12. Upper Divergences

13. Lower Divergences

I recommend the preset for all temporalities.

"Medium and Low intensity bars should not be taken into account when following a High intensity bar.  They gain importance when displayed behind a Neutral bar".

You can use it with RVM Basis Indicator as a filter to optimize your success. Link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51364

Check the comments section.

Contact me through the email trendexproject@gmail.com, from the private chat of mql5 to answer your questions or suggestions.

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