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rust ea。 (Holy EA)
It's only 10day make $100 to $200000.
Only applicable to Europe and America for 1 minute.
For ECN accounts.
The spread point difference is less than 5, and the service charge is generally 7-10 US dollars.
Recommended platform: icmarket.
(important! , important!) The minimum distance between orders must be 0, which is the key to determine whether EA is profitable.
Lever 400-1000
The minimum $100 can run, less than $50 EA does not run.
This is the latest algorithm to take advantage of market changes. It's only 10 days from $100 to $200000. It generates nearly 70 million profits a year.
Hundreds of orders can be closed every day. This EA is unique in the market.
The developer is an Asian software engineer from golang and python. 7 years of experience in development and financial transactions.
Other parameters default, not applicable to some platforms, if the test performance is good, the actual run is also good. (it's not profitable every day, but after a taste of time, for example, 4-10 days are profiteering)
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