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Please use the 15-minute USD/JPYchart

※Before using, the parameters Nomallots = lot quantity and Maxspread = spread filter are set to pass the product test, so please change to the appropriate values ​​when you use it.

The narrower the spread, the better the results, so we recommend using it with a broker with a narrow spread.

<When did you finish? >
・When you reach a certain profit-taking value and loss-cutting value, we will settle. By default,
Stop loss Buy 25 PIPS Sell 65 PIPS
Take Profit Buy 50 PIPS Sell 50 PIPS

In addition, you can change the profit-taking value and the loss-making value to your favorite values ​​by parameter setting.
Since the loss is small and profitable, the win rate is not high at around 50-60%.
It may be a bit stressful as the market movement may repeat withdrawal early until it moves to this EA, but when you endure it carefully and firmly secure profits when the market heads to this EA and finally the profit margin I thought with the concept that I could leave.

<Thoughts during development>
The idea of ​​EA is very simple, I think that it is good to be simple and stable for a long period of time using the technology that everyone has been using for a long time, rather than aiming for a big profit. I thought that might be the secret to creating a system that can be used for a long time.
Of course, there are periods when the results are unfavorable in backtesting, but in order to leave a long-term record, you should accept both good and bad periods, and accumulate the profit margin, and continue to work for a long time. The idea is what can be done.
I also wanted to add the enjoyment of customizing my own investment style to make it satisfying.
The initial value is a safe setting, but there may be new discoveries by changing the parameters. I made such an EA.

<Explanation of main parameters>

・Max_Position The maximum number of positions to buy. We recommend an initial value of 1.

・Magic_Number Magic number. Please change if the order number is duplicated, such as when operating multiple accounts in the same account.

・Slippage Allowable slippage. The initial value is 10. Please change if necessary. Depending on the broker (slippery vendor), it may affect the weekend settlement function, so in that case it is safe to set a larger setting.

・NomalLots Fixed lots  Initial value 0.01 Handling of lot number differs depending on the FX company, so please check with your FX company. *When operating in a fixed lot, set the Leverage below to 0.0. ※The initial value is set to pass the product test. Please change to an appropriate value before use.

・Leverage compound interest operation setting value 0.0
When set to 0.0, the fixed lot of Nomal Lots above will be applied.
Appropriate setting values ​​vary depending on the server of the FX company you are using.
Perform back test on the server you actually trade with, and make adjustments while confirming that the number of lots will be appropriate.

・MaxSpread Initial value 50 (10=1PIPS) Entry will not be made if the spread becomes wider than the specified value. ※The initial value is set to pass the product test. Please change to an appropriate value before use.

・WeekEndtime Set the trading end time on weekends. Initial value 22:00

・WeekEndExitTime Set the weekend forced settlement time. Initial value 22:30 *It will not work unless it is later than the above WeekEndtime.

If you do not want to carry over on the weekend, please check by yourself before the end time of the trading on the weekend as it may happen that the settlement is not possible due to the broker's refusal of execution.

*About trade date setting items It will be server time for your broker. It's time to show the quote. Since it is used in 15-minute increments, please set the time in 15-minute increments of 0:00, :15, :30, and :45. The default trading time is winter time: GMT+2, summer time: GMT+3

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