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Infinity Trend

The Infinity Trend is an indicator that detects entry to enter a trend (long or short),
the indicator is using a specific and detailed regression system and moving average to filter the market.

Depending on the time-frame and the symbol the Infinity Trend can really be a winner,
it gives the entry and the exit with arrows on the sub window but it can be shown on the main chart.


  • Show arrows for enter/exit and show direction long/short (blue/red)
  • Regress market with a detailed system
  • Using moving averages to filter the market 


  • Price Type (default:Typical Price) - Price used for indicator calculations
  • Period (default:15) - Period Indicator
  • MA Method (default:Linear weighted) - Moving average that's used to filter the market
  • Zone (defaut:false) - Used for top bottom signal
  • Top Zone (default:25) - Minimum for buying signal (Value * Pip)
  • Bottom Zone (default:-25) - Minimum for selling signal (Value * Pip)
  • Size of the Arrows (default:Big) - Change the size of the arrows or disable 
  • Arrows Options (default:Arrows on Indicator) - Move arrows on indicator or main chart

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