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Test from 100 $ to 275 208 $ for 3 years, see below.

By default, the EA parameters allow you to trade on the GBP/USD M30 pair. Test from 2017.09.11-20.09.11 from 100$ to 275 208$ see below. The EA uses three indicators (ATR MA Oscillator, Previous High Low, Top Bottom Price) to open and close trades, but it also uses Stop Loss and Take Profit. The lot size is specified as a percentage of the account balance (by default, 5% and a limit of 20 lots is specified).

Default testing parameters

Initial balance = 100 $

Net profit = 275 208 $

Profitable trades = 84%

Other product: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/yura1994ru/seller#products

Currency pairs: GBP/USD M30 .(Recommends)

Before using it on a real account, test the EA with minimal risk. Accounts are better used where the spread is small and fixed.

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