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Profi Spec

The Profi Spec Expert Advisor does not use any indicators, works equally well on any financial instruments. A signal to open a position occurs when: the current price, the pivot (an important technical level) and the level of support or resistance meet at one point (with the accepted deviation of MaxDiff * Spreads).

Real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/58307


  • MarketExecution — if true, opens a position without Stop Loss/Take Profit with further modification;
  • Expert_INFO — any text information on the screen;
  • Expert_Id — trade identifier;
  • StartTradeDate — start of backtesting;
  • AllowedDirection — 0 = buy and sell, 1 = only buy, -1 = only sell;
  • AllowTradeOnMonday — true: allow trading on Mondays; false: prohibit trading on Mondays;
  • IntraDayWorkTime — time intervals (HH:MM-HH:MM), when position opening is allowed (separated by commas). The number of intervals is not limited. The first and the last specified minutes are considered working. Passing the midnight is specified as 2 intervals ("23:00-23:59,00:00-00:59");
  • LotPercent — if the value is >0, a fixed lot size is set, is <0 — % of the account balance;
  • StopLoss — the SL level, if 0 – no SL;
  • TakeProfit — the TP level, if 0 – no - no TP;
  • BreakEven_After — when profit "BreakEven_After" is reached, the ЕЗ is moved to the level of "BreakEven_To";
  • BreakEven_To — the level where TP is moved after "BreakEven_After" is reached;
  • AllowTrailing — true: enables a complex trailing stop "Running knot";
  • TrailingUdavka_dist_1 — the initial trailing stop in points;
  • TrailingUdavka_level_1 — when this profit level is reached, the size of trailing is reduced to "TrailingUdavka_dist_2";
  • TrailingUdavka_dist_2 — a new trailing after the profit level reaches "TrailingUdavka_level_1";
  • TrailingUdavka_level_2 — when this profit level is reached, the trailing size is reduced to "TrailingUdavka_dist_3";
  • TrailingUdavka_dist_3 — a new trailing after the profit level reaches "TrailingUdavka_level_2";
  • AllowReverseClose — true: close by an opposite signal;
  • OnlyInProfit=true — close by an opposite signal only profitable positions;
  • TimeFrame — chart period for analysis;
  • MinAddOrdersDistance — the minimum distance between additional orders;
  • MaxDiff — the maximum distance between the pivot levels (spreads!);
  • MaxDiffSig1 — the maximum distance between the first pivot level and the yesterday's High-Low (in spreads).

Filters and Signal Cancellation

  • MaxSpread — the maximum allowed spread (IN POINTS);
  • EMA_Period — the MA period for the EMA based filter (0 — disable verification); if price<EMA_Period — cancel all Buy signals; if price>EMA_Period — cancel all Sell signals;
  • Momentum_Period — the period of the Momentum filter;
  • Momentum_Filtr — when price<100-Momentum_Filtr — cancel all Buy signals; when price>100+Momentum_Filtr — cancel all Sell signals;
  • UseADX — 1: use the ADX filter, 0: do not use the ADX filter;
  • ADX_Period — the ADX filter period;
  • ADX_Applied_Price — the ADX filter parameter;
  • ADX_Min — the minimum allowed value of ADX;
  • ADX_Max — the maximum allowed value of ADX;
  • ADX_MinROST — the minimum allowed increase of ADX on the last bar.

Support/Resistance Based Filter (Barishpoltz floating channel indicator Shi_Channel)

  • Shi_OutChannelFiltr — true: cancel Buy signals below support, cancel Sell signals above resistance;
  • Shi_MinChannelH_p — minimum allowed channel width (in points);
  • Shi_Max_Distance_percent — allowed distance to the support/resistance levels (% of the current channel width);
  • AllBars — an internal parameter of the Shi_Channel indicator;
  • BarsForFract — an internal parameter of the Shi_Channel indicator.

The ZigZag Filter

  • FiltrZigZag — true: use the ZigZag filter;
  • InpDepth — an internal parameter of the ZigZag indicator;
  • InpDeviation — an internal parameter of the ZigZag indicator;
  • InpBackstep — an internal parameter of the ZigZag indicator.

The special price of 100% is valid only for the first two weeks, it will be gradually increased and in the period of November-December 2014 will be approximately $1,000.

Aleksandr Glebov
2014.12.30 05:24 

За декабрь советник сделал около пяти сделок с общим убытком. При обновлении версии советника автор не предоставляет файлы настроек.

Version 2.41 - 2014.12.25
- The product moves to a higher price level;
- Signal has been modified (ATTENTION: if you are updating from the previous version v2.25, you will need to adjust some parameters, like "MaxDiff", "MaxDiffSig1");
- Added new variable "CustomSpread": it allows manual setting of the "Spread" value used in the Signal for testing;
- New Log entry: calculation of "average lifetime" of all trades;
- New Log entry: "Profit-Index" calculation using a special formula which takes into account the following assessment criteria: "The number of winning trades vs. the total number of trades", "Total Profit vs. The number of winning trades", "Total loss vs. The number of losing trades".

The ex4 file is compiled for USDCHF H1 (only for Spread =3. It is also recommended to set "IntraDayWorkTime": 05:45-22:45).

The clients who purchase version v2.41 or higher will receive 5 ready set-files for their specific Broker (the client may specify the Broker). These 5 set files from the developer's point of view will give (M30 or H1) optimal results on history. Please note that the EA's signal depends on the market spread provided by the Broker, therefore results on different accounts may differ.