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Cycle Super Scalper

What is CSS?

It is known fact, that the whole world works in cycles. Cycles are present in every aspect of life. And markets are not an exception. I assume that every trader had already noticed this. So we made an experimental algorithm combining irrational constants and deep analysis with powerful technical filters. We wanted to determine these cycles and get a signal, when next cycle is on. And... it works pretty fine.

How to use it?

Just use default settings and see what it can do. I often recommend using MT built-in indicators along with every product. Although CSS has some filtering methods inside, additional indicator will not harm. For example, try RSI period 3, levels 90 and 10.

Сергей Жигалов
Сергей Жигалов 2015.06.10 22:49 

Хороший индикатор!

Arhey 2014.08.27 08:24 

Индикатор рисует. Своих денег он не стоит.

Aleks Pivtsov
Aleks Pivtsov 2014.08.06 20:57 

A good indicator. I will use in my trading system.

Thank you for your work!