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Brute Force Trader USDCHF

                                                                      Introductory Pricing for one month

Brute force trader is specially designed to find the best entry point and exit point with the regular tested and proven indicators. The EA will automatically analyse the market and will follow trends with the right entry exit points. Since the timeframe it is using is 30 minutes, the chances that you are stuck into a long trade is very low. Thought it does not use stoploss but it has the exit strategy. The loss will be stopped out if the strategy exit conditions are met. 


This strategy has been back-tested from 1Jan 2015 till end of August 2020, so it had an opportunity to test on a fairly large dataset. The data used here is the real tick data used from Dukascopy and if you see the data modelling quality is 99.9%

1. This strategy does not use an dangerous strategy like Martingle, Hedging, Averaging or buy and hold.

2. The past performance is not the guarantee for future profits.

3. Ideally raw spread broker may give you better results.

Currency Pair : USDCHF

Timeframe : 30 M

Settings: The default setting has been included and optimised for the above mentioned currency pair, however you may choose to expand the horizon and share your feedback.  

If you need help you can reach out to me at mail@sanjoy.in

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