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Best PinBar Indicator

Hello guys! A small gift for you, a very accurate indicator to individuate PinBars on the chart. The indicator also provides the possibility to receive alerts when a new PinBar appear.


% of Body (Open - Close) / (High - Low) = Percentage of the ratio of the body to the total size of the PinBar;

Minimum Size of the Candle (in Point) = Minimum size of the PinBar in Point (10 points = 1 pip);

Activate Alert? = Set "true" if you want to receive alert when a new PinBar appear;

You can also use this indicator with iCustom function.

Buffer 0 = Up Arrow;

Buffer 1 = Down Arrow;

If you like this indicator take a look to my other products:

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Thank you and I wish you a profitable trading!

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