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ASCT Panel

ASCT Panel.

As a launch, the first 250 downloads are Only 30 USD.

83/250 counting 

Regular price 60USD

As a launch, the first 500 downloads are free.

500/500 counting COMPLETE

Regular price 60USD


Telegram: https://t.me/AsCapitalTrading

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Ascapitaltra...

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/as_capital_...


This EA doesn't work with strategy tester.

This useful assistant will help you to calculate your risk in Money, pips and % percentage of your equity. Drawing a line on the chart where your TakeProfit and Stop Loss will be. You can change Lot size, TP, SL or simply drag the line to the price you want and everything is going to update automatically. Besides you can see the risk-benefit ratio of your operation.


  • Risk Calculation in pips.
  • Risk Calculation in Money.
  • Risk Calculation in % of Equity.
  • Take Profit Calculation in pips.
  • Take Profit Calculation in Money.
  • Risk-Benefit Ratio Calculation.
  • Drawing Line for Take Profit.
  • Drawing Line for Stop Loss.
  • Display Account Information.
  • Display Symbol Information.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Drawing Lines.
  • Show Real Time BID and ASK prices.
  • Show Real Time Spread.
  • Make Ultra Fast Trade with No delay.
  • Make Trades With TP and SL with only one Click.
  • Include Break Even to your trades.
  • Include Trailing Stop to your trades.
  • Close Multiple Positions with a simple Click.

Keyboard Shortcuts.

Press U or D to draw Horisontal lines for support and resistance.

Press W or S to draw Trend Lines. 

Press E to Delete all lines.

Please look at attached pictures.

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