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KL Visual Order Manager

KL Visual Order Manager is multi-function tool for managing orders and charts. First, I created this tool (end of 2012) to separate chart analysis from order lines that cause mess and make chart unclear, especially when you use many time frames. Gradually I added another functions. KLVOM as core is related or interacts with my other indicators, which all together are using for managing orders and charts. This is tool that I’m using every day. Great tool for Scalpers and Day Traders.


  1. Separating chart analysis from order lines that make chart unclear.
  2. Set predefined levels of SL, TP, TS, BE, BE+ for new orders.
  3. Can set collective SL, TS, BE, TP for multiple orders and for next new orders too.
  4. Can close ½ lot size of one or all orders at BE.
  5. Creating additional TP1 and TP2 levels to take partial profits.
  6. Managing lot size of orders to close by editing labels on chart (for TP1, TP2).
  7. In SCALP mode TP1 and TP2 are set automatically when you open new order, while others do not exist.
  8. Managing single orders by dragging SL, TP and BE quickly and easily.
  9. Managing multiple orders by dragging common SL, TP and BE quickly and easily.
  10. TS works only when BE was reached – important if need long BE with tight TS.
  11. From line labels you know the important value of SL, TP, current profit, lot size, pip  distance and more.
  12. With indicator KL TLine Buy Sell Close KLVOM  KLVOM 3.2 can open or close orders exactly on tops and bottoms.
  13. With indicator Money Management with Orders Screenshot  can manage the lot size of sent orders automatically from 0.1% of Account Balance (parameters editable directly on chart).
  14. KLVOM takes screenshot of closed orders with detailed description on chart. Current chart size and visibility of chart has no effect on screenshot size, MetaTrader can be even minimized or overlap by another program.
  15. KLVOM 3.0 can set chart properties automatically when it is attached to a chart (like template).
  16. New button “Allow” allows managing (move) orders from other EAs or charts.

Additional features

  • Hold pointer above any KLVOM object and read tip.
  • Button 1/2onBE when is switched on  closing ½ of order or orders on BE.
  • Back button temporarily remove wallpaper from the chart.
  • Help button shows you short help for KLVOM directly on the chart.
  • Rules button can show your own help, rules or methodology that you can create as a file directly on the chart.
  • Button Allow allows managing (move) orders from other EAs or charts.
  • Small dash (next to order line) shows real price level of order, is very useful for scalping, also when you try set SL or TP inconsistent with broker rules.
  • On higher time frames order labels are hidden in order to not overlap one another.
  • If you want, you can use wallpapers on the chart, for instance, to distinguish the chart from another one.
  • You can use push notification panel (required MetaQuotes ID).
  • Completely new KLVOM Demo 3.1 is working fully every Monday.

Full description of KL Visual Order Manager 3.2 

To find out the news and updates of all my products, visit my profile https://www.mql5.com/en/users/Klore or http://Klore-FX.eu. In the product comments, I will only write answers to your questions. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know. If you like my product, please leave your feedback.

pnutfx503 2017.09.30 01:36 

Works like it says it does

Mieczyslaw Kraszewski
Mieczyslaw Kraszewski 2015.09.04 11:21 

This is a great order manager tool which simplyfies trading on MT4 platform. Many thanks for your hard work.

Peter Küfner
Peter Küfner 2015.03.02 20:56 

The best trading tool for MT4 that I've found so far.

Version 4.4 2016.11.22
Upgrade for MetaTrader 4 build 1010. Control order lines like in trade manager 4X Lab.
Version 3.38 2015.03.26
From version 3.38 pending limit orders with common SL are automatically deleted when SL is moved by price to BE - because of its wrong SL.
Version 3.35 2015.02.12
Added auto selection of order lines. Now, you do not need to click in order to select the orders line. Also, one click is required to set/unset collective SL or TP - you do not need to delete the labels.
Version 3.2 2015.01.12
- Added tips (hold mouse pointer above object and read tip).
- Added the Allow button that allows managing orders from other chart or EA.
- Added dash that shows real price level of order. It is useful for scalping, and also when you try set SL or TP inconsistent with broker rules.
Version 3.1 2014.11.05
Added timer to candle (time remaining). Added shift correction of SL/TP labels (to the right) when font size is changed to a bigger one. Works with MT4 build 722 and above.
Version 3.0 2014.09.26
From version 3.0, KLVOM works with KL TLine Buy Sell Close KLVOM indicator that with KLVOM can open or close orders exactly on potential tops and bottoms (trendlines) significantly increasing your trading efficiency.
Version 2.7 2014.08.25
Because people still download full version as demo that doesn't work in Strategy Tester, I added info that is shown in Tester "KLVOM is stopped" and "KLVOM doesn't work in tester - search for KLVOM Demo".
Version 2.6 2014.08.22
Small bug was fixed. Now wallpaper no.0 is blank, to set walpapper you need pick from no. 1 to 3 or if you have own from 4 to 10.