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My Money Manager Demo

My Money Manager like a risk controller, which places your trades with the exact volume that meets your desired stop loss risk.

It can also help you to preview your EP/SL/TP levels before placing an order by dragging these levels directly on a chart, and keep reporting about them during the position opening.

With this tool, you will feel more comfortable when deciding to open orders, as well as forecasting your profit/loss with your orders. Placing orders is a very precise and professional work now.

This tool is the money manager part that split from Auto Trade Driver: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/4217

Note: This demo version works on CADCHF symbol only. The full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/5398

Highlight Features

  • Calculate exactly the volume that meets your desired stop loss risk (% of balance), including the commission fee charged by a broker.
  • Allow drag-and-drop EP/SL/TP level directly on chart to preview before placing orders.
  • Provide one-click-trading for all types of orders.
  • Keep reporting about estimated SL/TP levels when an order is opening.
  • Real-time control panel.
  • Restore previous settings after shutdown or power-off.

Setting Parameters

  • Commission Setting (Menu): Set how your broker charges commission per lot traded. This factor is important to calculate the required volume that meets your stop loss risk.
    • Commission Type: This is how your broker charges commission. It is "Account currency" if commission is charged on account currency unit, and "Base currency" if commission is charged on base currency of a trading pair.
    • Commission Per Lot: The amount of currency units charged as commission for a round turn standard lot. If your broker/account type does not charge commission, just leave this value as zero.
  • Stoploss Risk: The risk percentage that you accept to lose if stop loss occurs.
  • Est. Loss+Commission: The total loss you will incur at stop loss point. This total loss amount includes order's loss and order's commission.
  • Order Type: Choose the order type that you want to take place.
  • Order Comment: Note for your order as regular MT4 order's comment.
  • Magic Number: You can enter a custom magic number to identify your order for further use.
  • Set SL/TP By: Choose how to set Stop loss/Take profit point. It is "Price" if you want to set SL/TP by a certain price value, "Distance" if you want to set them by a distance from the entry point.
  • Adjustment Step: Increase/Decrease space of the price adjustment when using Increase/Decrease arrow button.
  • Stoploss/Takeprofit/Distance: Value to determine the Stop loss/Take profit point. Setting Stop loss point is mandatory to calculate appropriate volume (you may remove Stop loss later if you want, but need to enter a value to calculate volume and place order). Leave Take profit as zero means setting an order without take profit.
  • Order Dragging feature: When you are setting EP/SL/TP on the control panel, you will also see that there are horizontal lines with corresponding levels on the chart. You can select those lines and drag them to adjust order EP/SL/TP. Due to these levels, order type will be auto selected.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.16 10:43 

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bertbaker 2018.05.30 10:41 

good but fix error zero divide in Ea ! thanks

NewWin 2014.08.12 13:40 

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Version 1.72 2019.01.23
- Improved: Allow open multi-positions if calculated lot size is bigger than maximum lot size.
- Changed: Remove default order comment (AutoFxPro.com)
Version 1.70 2017.03.10
- Improved: Optimize the calculating functions.
Version 1.69 2016.07.20
- Fixed: Show correct information for Buy Stop/Limit order on the chart.
Version 1.68 2016.06.13
- Improved: OnChartEvent() function is adaptable with MT4 version 4.00 build 971 (7 Jun 2016).
Version 1.67 2016.01.20
- Fixed: Invalid trading volume if lotsize step was larger than 0.01.
Version 1.66 2016.01.08
- Fixed: Correct calculation for account with exotic balance currency.
Version 1.65 2015.09.30
- Fixed: Fixed eternal loop if click Buy/Sell when AutoTrading is disable.
Version 1.64 2015.09.16
- Fixed: No freeze and looping alert anymore when clicking Buy/Sell at closed market.
Version 1.63 2015.05.08
- Improved: Increase lotsize calculating for exotic pairs.
- Improved: Only show trading symbol in Market Watch if necessary.
Version 1.62 2015.04.29
- Added: Risk/Reward Ratio adjustment.
- Improved: Support for exotic currency account.
- Improved: Support for CFD, Indexes instruments.
Version 1.60 2015.04.09
- Improved: Retrying to open orders/positions until success.
Version 1.59 2015.03.27
- Fixed: Agressive alert informing AutoTrading feature.
Version 1.58 2015.02.03
- Fixed: Force to display all graphic objects to the front of the chart. They could be hidden at few low RAM computers with previous version.
Version 1.57 2015.01.16
- Fixed: Expert Advisor's status message correction.
- Fixed: Eliminate potential zero divides.
Version 1.56 2015.01.06
- Fixed: Correct TP point adjustment after placing order in some cases.
Version 1.40 2014.12.03
- Fixed: Mistaken TP point with zero value.
Version 1.35 2014.10.30
Improved: Better adjustment in fast moving market.
Version 1.25 2014.09.02
Fixed minor bugs.