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SR Breakup

SR Breakup Indicator it is an indicator based on support and resistance. It makes price breakout levels visible by opening the trader's mind to spot market opportunities. 

Attention!!! This Indicator can be used in any time frame.

Suggestion of use

  • Wait until the support and resistance lines are horizontal and closer.
  • Do Trade (BUY): if price breakout resistance level (outside line).
  • Do Trade (SELL): if price breakout support level (outside line).
  • Use internal lines as StopLoss or Pullback (Optional).

Easy setup [PARAMETERS]
  • Period: number of candles to analyze
  • Inside Lines %: percentage of support and resistance inside
  • Outside Lines %: percentage of support and resistance outside


 If you have any questions, access our telegram group:
   Telegram group
 Good luck!

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Version 1.20 2020.08.29
Added outside Lines!
Version 1.10 2020.08.28
Removed parameter to calculate internal lines now it is automatic.