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Drofsul Freeze Level

If you want to know the size of the 'Freeze Level' every moment, then this indicator is for you!

What is 'Freeze Level'?
'Freeze Level' is the required distance from the market price when opening, modifying, deleting or closing the orders. Orders within this limit cannot be modified or closed neither by the trader, nor by Expert Advisors or scripts. The value of the 'Freeze Level' is set by the broker (there are some brokers who don't set 'Freeze Level' [the value is 0]).

This indicator will create a block on the chart showing useful information about the currency pair's 'freeze level'. Because this value can interfere with trading, it is important to always know the value of it. This indicator is highly customizable, and it can be moved on the chart for easier use. It also has built-in Alert and Notification options.


  • Alert options
  • Notification options
  • Two view modes
  • Can be placed anywhere on the chart
  • Option to select size
  • Built-in color themes
  • Option to use custom colors
  • Built-in help

About the Author

Zsolt 'DragonSoul' Mosonyi: programmer, web developer and blogger with many years of experience in MQL programming language.

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