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King Egbert

Current price: $49

  • Final price $199

King Egbert is a professional built EA with fixed stoploss and takeprofit for a low risk (1/4 ratio). It uses only tools that messures trend and oscillator. It has been a long work to find what tools to combine, to find best results, but this EA talks for it self.

You can choose if you want to trade with fixed lots, or lots per amount in balance.

  • No Martingale
  • No Grid

Broker and deposit

Any broker with small spreads is suitable.

Recommended deposit: $300 or more.

Minimum deposit: $100 

Currency pairs and timeframe

Recommended pair: EURUSD

Recommended timeframe: H1


  • Autolots - If "true" (Standard), the EA calculate lotsize depending on accountbalance 
  • Lots is Autolots = false - Sets lotsize if Autolots = false
  • Lots per amount i balance - Makes calculation of lotsize. 0.01 lot per amount set here.
  • Set Max lots - Set maximum lots.
  • Stop Loss - Set stop loss level
  • Take profit - Set take profit level
  • %K Period - Set K period for Stochastic
  • %D Period - Set D period for Stochastic
  • Slowing - Set Slowing for Stochastic
  • Period - Set period for Deviation
  • Magic Number - Set magic number

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