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Trend Boost

The Trend Boost  indicator is an advanced trend indicator with a built in filter. It does not redraw at all. Use on time frames 15 and higher.

Buy trade rules

Trend Boost should be blue.

Use the MACD indicator  for verification, depending on your risk appetite:

  • for a risky entry, enter after MACD histogram has crossed over signal curve,
  • for a less risky entry, enter only when MACD histogram has crossed over zero.

Use the last swing low  as the area to place stop loss and use 1:1 risk reward ratio, again depending on your risk appetite, if last swing low is too far away from entry you can use Lower value from Trend Boost indicator as stop loss. 

Sell trade rules

Trend Boost should be red. The rest of the rules are just the opposite of the buy trade rules.

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Version 1.1 2015.04.01
Added alert and email notification options. Optimized code for faster indicator calculation.