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Channel NG

A Channel and Trend indicator.

You set as you want.

You can use at all timeframe.

You can use for martingale,scalping and tunnel strategies.

I set some number for me, but you can change this number as you want.

You can use this indicator for your expert advisor apps.

if you want another features i can do it for you.

Input Values:

1.) Last_Candle: Last candle for display indikator.

2.) X_Price: Price of indicator.

3.) MA_Period: Period for Moving Average.

4.) MA_Method: Method for Moving Average.

5.) Day_Period: Total day  number for indicator.

6.) Tunnel1: First tunnel of indicator.

7.) Tunnel2: Second tunnel of indicator. 

8.) Tunnel3: Third tunnel (widest tunnel) of indicator.    

Thank you.

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