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Price Action translates as "price movement." Proponents of technical analysis believe that the price takes into account everything that happens on the market. Therefore, indicators and advisers are not needed, since they are calculated based on historical price data and can be very late. By the time the indicator signal triggers, the price direction may already have changed. Those indicators that are trying to predict the price direction are often redrawn. All this leads to unnecessary losses.

With Price Action, you don’t have to waste time viewing economic news or delve into the complex construction of graphical figures of technical analysis. All that is required of you is to spend 15-30 minutes a day searching for new signals and monitoring open deals. The price action trading system uses candlestick patterns, also called patterns and setups. Candlestick patterns usually consist of one, two, or several candles that can often be found on a chart. They can be reversal or trend.

But you shouldn’t take all signals from Price Action patterns, but only those that have support in the form of support / resistance levels or trend lines. In this case, the efficiency will be more than 90% of profitable transactions. It is recommended to trade with the Price Action strategy on a daily time-frame or 4-hour, but not less, because on small time-frames signal accuracy is reduced.

Three Step of price action trading

Price Action indicator less trading system is very popular among traders due to its simplicity, fast learner and good profit. The success of the Price Action strategy lies in the price patterns and the psychology of traders. This is expressed in the form of common candlestick patterns and psychological levels of support / resistance, from which price often rebounds. Understanding these two key points will give you an edge in the market. We offer you a step-by-step three-step price action trading guide.

  1.  Determination of Support / Resistance Levels 
  2.  Definition of Price Action Patterns
  3.  Definition of Stop loss and Take profit

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