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This indicator helps you to judge the order, plus two auxiliary indicators, AutoHighMidLowPrice and HH HL LH LL indicators, combined with Fibonacci retracement , the effect is very good, just remember a few steps and Keep practicing(a pplicable to any currency)

1. Confirm the trend direction (M5、M15、M30、H1、H4)

2. Use Fibonacci retracement find out the price of swing high and swing low

3. Wait for the resistance or support indicator appears 

4. Wait for Pull back and the price not break out 

5. Place an order 

6. Set stop loss 

7. Set profit 

8. Wait

In the initial stage, use the demo account to practice. For real positions, please use the cent account(deposit fund US100 to USC10000, every time transfer 1000 usdc in one account)to place an order, and place an order with a smaller lot size, confirm that you can clearly use this indicator to make a profit, and then slowly increase the lot size 

As long as you purchase this indicator, I will give it to you for free (HH HL LH LL indicator and how to set the Fibonacci retracement setting value video tutorial) Please leave a message in the comments to tell me that I have purchased the information , and I will give you the download link ,I wish you success!



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