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ATR Pending

Script for setting any pending order manually

An easy script to use for manually setting any pending order type fast when needed.

Pending types (6) - BuyStop,SellStop,BuyLimit,SellLimit,BuySellStop,BuySellLimit

Two price distance types - Defined fixed distance by pips or Average True Range automated

Risk assessment - Place pending with fixed lots or with dynamic positions size risk percentage

How to use this script

Simply drag and drop it to desired chart,when input menu pops up select what settings you want to use and hit OK

Will warn if you ain't got enough funds on your account to perform a task

ATR pending settings

  • Risk assessment - Fixed lots or dynamic positions size risk
  • General settings - Slippage,magic number and order comment
  • Pending order settings - Pending type,take profit,stop loss,price distance type,fixed distance pips,ATR time frame and period
  • Expiration timer - Pending timer expiration in minutes (optional, can be set to zero)

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Version 1.1 2020.08.15
This version;
1: A tiny pointer bug fix