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DYJ GlobalTradeGridWarLaguerre

The DYJ GlobalTradeGridWarLaguerre is based on MA indicator. It can be used for any currency pair and timeframe.

open long order when FastMA crosses above the SlowMA. open short order when FastMA crosses below the SlowMA.

It also uses Stochastic  and Laguerre filtering false signals.

We will now apply game theory strategy on the future of per currency instead of a price chart of history. This is one level higher. Dynamic Market game theory is a special feature of Advanced Currency Health Bars indicator and you cannot find in any other Currency Meter! This is a very unique function. Dynamic Market game theory strategy Health Bars are based on the entire Market activity (all 35 pairs). 

This EA can correct the future loss rate through my mathematical algorithm.

This  EA  works in any trading session. The work time1 and work time2 and work time3 parameter is intraday. It means that if you want to set a working time from 19:00 PM to 05:00 AM, for example, you should define two different intervals, such as 19:00 to 23:59 and 00:00 to 05:00. 

This EA opens orders at a specific news time, such as 19:59 to 20:03 and M1 to H1 timeframe.

USGFX Monitoring( Timeframe is M15, The SPREAD is 13-20): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/804057

TradeMax Monitoring( Timeframe is M15, The SPREAD is 16-25): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/805986

In any time range of the per pair chart, the Expert Advisor performs well in any time period backtest.

EA performance is the sum of the backtest performance of per currency pair

Note: MT4 backtesting cannot simulate all currency signal markets!EA is usually run directly in a demo or real account, and the results are more realistic than backtesting


 Recommend pairs  Any pairs
 Time Frame  First choice M5, or M15 to D1; For news transactions, choose M1 to H1
 Recommend deposit   First choice $5000 or 1000 to 10000USD or more
 Recommend settings   Default
 lever  500
 spread   First choice 0 to 20,or 10 to 40

Other product: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/cdymql4/seller#products 

Input parameters 

General setting

  • InpMagicNumber = 81537125 - EA's magic number.
  - comma-separated list of symbols to be traded. If empty, the current MARKET WATCH symbols will be used.     
  • InpMaxSpread = 20 --  Forex Maximum SPREAD
  • InpMAFastPeriod = 40
  • InpMASlowPeriod = 120
  • InpLagierreOversold   = 0 -- Lapierre Oversold
  • InpLagierreOverbought = 1 -- Lagierre Overbought 
  • RiskPercent = Risk(%) or [-x=lot]
Manage lots automatically if RiskPercent is greater than or equal to 0. When RiskPercent are positive,it is the risk percentage,When riskpercent is negative, it is lot
  • DecreaseFactor = 3 -- Used to decrease lot size after a loss is experienced to protect equity.  Recommended not to change.
  • MaximumLosses = 3 -- Maximum number of losses per day willing to experience.
  • Margincutoff=800 -- Expert will stop trading if equity level decreases to that level($).
  • Maxtrades = 1000 -- Total number of positions on per currency pairs. You can change this number as you wish.
  • InpAllCloseLimitOrders =  3 -- Close All positions if the positions reach InpAllCloseLimitOrders and if the prefits reach InpTotalProfits
  • InpTotalProfits =  0 -- Profit target for closing all positions[0=Auto]
  • InpEquityDelta =  1.1 -- Equity target multiple for closing all positions
  • TakeProfit=200 --  Order takeprofit.   
  • StopLoss=2000 -- Order stop loss. The larger the stop loss, the smaller the risk allocated lots, otherwise the larger the lot
  • Slippage=10 --   Permissible slippage.
  • InpOrderStep=300 -- Adjacent order step.
  • TrailingStop=0 -- Trailing stop.
  • InpDynamicHealthBars = 0 -- [X>0]:Static Health Bars (1 - 3); [X<=0]: Dynamic Health Bars
  • InpDistanceDivisor=3 -- Distance Divisor
  • InpIncreasedProfit=10 -- Increased Profit($) for GrowthRat
  • InpIsUseTradingTime = false
  • startPeriod1 = "08:15"
  • endPeriod1  = "08:35"
  • startPeriod2 = "13:45"
  • endPeriod2 = "14:42"
  • startPeriod3 = "22:15"
  • endPeriod3 = "22:45"

Never forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future

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    Version 2.85 2020.08.25
    Version 2.85 2020.08.24
    Modify the code for closing the order
    Version 2.84 2020.08.24
    Version 2.84 2020.08.24
    Optimize code
    Added: closing position by average price
    Version 2.83 2020.08.21
    Version 2.83 2020.08.21
    Optimize code
    Optimize deletion of pending orders
    Version 2.82 2020.08.13
    Version 2.82 2020.08.13
    Optimize deletion of pending orders
    Version 2.81 2020.08.12
    Version 2.81 2020.08.12
    Optimize exit conditions
    Version 2.8 2020.08.10
    Version 2.8 2020.08.10
    Optimize the code
    Modify to automatically adjust target equity with initial equity and lots
    Version 2.6 2020.08.07
    Version 2.6 2020.08.07
    Add parameters:
    InpDynamicHealthBars = 0 -- [X>0]:Static Health Bars ; [X=0]: Dynamic Health Bars