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Levels 500

Levels 500 is an indicator of Levels. Draw Supports and Resistances in a clear and understandable way.

The indicator marks Verified, Weak, Untested, Broken and Tried supports and resistances, and counts to make it as easy as possible for the user to identify market levels.

Use it according to your strategy! 

Remember: buy cheap, sell expensive. Take advantage of this information to buy in the supports and sell in the resistances.

This type of indicator has been used for many years in the markets, with this indicator it will be easier than ever.

It is also fully configurable:

In the new version, you can see the supports and resistances of 2 time-frames simultaneously


1. Bars Limit to Calculate Supports & Resistances

2. Verified Support Color

3. Weak  Support Color

3. Untested Support Color

4. Tried Support Color - When a Verified Support has been touched (Test Counted) 3 times 

5. Broken Support Color

6. Bars Limit to Calculate Supports & Resistances

7. Verified Resistance Color

8. Weak  Resistance Color

9. Untested Resistance Color

10. Tried Resistance Color -  When a Verified Rupport has been touched (Test Counted) 3 times 

11. Broken Resistance Color

12. Show Info

13. Text Font type

14. Text Size

15. Bars/Text Separation

16. Level Alert

17. PopUps Alert

18. Sound Alert

19. Minimum Time to New Alert

20. Show weak areas?

21. Zone Solid true-false

Do you want to get the "Trend Colored Bars" indicator addition? With it you will be able to hunt the trends in Levels 500.

Write a product review, then send an email to: trendexproject@gmail.com, you will receive this free unlimited addition

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diconium 2020.08.11 19:07   

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Version 1.22 2020.09.15
Added code: deleted objects
Version 1.21 2020.09.14
Previous version bug fix
Added option to change text color
Version 1.20 2020.08.22
1. Now you can select from the indicator, a different Time Frame to also see the levels of that temporality
2. Get the "Trend Colored Bars" add-on now for free. Instructions in description
Version 1.12 2020.08.11
Fixed error in the Panel (Tried Support / Resistance)
Version 1.11 2020.08.11
1. Added option to show solid areas or empty areas
2. New function to activate / deactivate weak zones
3. Minor improvements
Version 1.10 2020.07.22
1. Minor bug fixed