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Jeff Cooper Signals

This indicator is based on Jeff Cooper's (Hit and Run Trading: The Short-Term Stock Traders' Bible) book, and you need to know this method to use it.

The most Common signals included in this indicator are:

  1. Expansion Breakout
  2. Expansion Pivot
  3. Slingshot
  4. 180
  5. Lizard
  6. Boomer
  7. Gilligan's Island
  8. Jack in the Box
  9. Reversal New High

Bull signals (default color blue)  will appear below trigger candles, and bear signals (default color red) on top.

You may see several simultaneous signals on one candle and its normal.

You can turn on and off signals and change font and colors in indicator setting.

This indicator is for daily timeframe.

  If you are not familiar with Cooper's method,  please don't use this indicator signals.

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