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The Tetris — the most famous time killer is now on MT. Game develops active logic, attention and speed of decision making. This is a classic version of the game, no frills, but you can still adjust the size of the glass, the scale of the game, the color of the figures, and the desired speed. The game is made as an indicator.

Control Keys:

  • 'WASD' or 'Cursor' or 'NUMPAD'.
  • S  Start new game.
  • C  Continue previous game.
  • P  pause on / off.
  • Space  — drop a figure.
  • Esc— exit to menu.

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Lorentzos Roussos
Lorentzos Roussos 2020.07.15 15:35 

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Version 1.40 2020.07.04
1) Added checking Esc key to exit the menu.
Version 1.30 2020.07.03
1) Added check for simultaneous pressing of the cursor keys.
Version 1.20 2020.07.01
1) Fixed canvas binding to the right corner of the chart.
2) Now Tetris is an indicator, just like in MT5.
Version 1.10 2020.07.01
1) Code optimization.