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TiModel Tendency

The "TiModel Tendency" indicator is a ready to use semiautomatic trading system. Demo version.


  • Considers market changes;
  • Only one input parameter;
  • Pattern recognition algorithm is used;
  • Trend "target" and "support" levels are calculated;
  • Trend strength is estimated;
  • Gives comments on trade condition;
  • Contains a separate information menu;
  • A nice color scheme;
  • Works on all markets and instruments.


  • Recognizes pattern "Reversal-Impulse-Correction";
  • Support levels are calculated and set based on the analysis of the "Reversal" and "Correction" parts;
  • Target levels are calculated and set based on the analysis of the "Impulse" part;

Operation Principle

The indicator recognizes pattern "Reversal-Impulse-Correction". In the strategy this pattern is the starting point of trend formation. Next the indicator draws the trend as continuous broken lines, shows "support" lines and "target" lines. The indicator follows the development of the relevant trend, reflects the dynamics and draws new lines and levels. The Information menu of the indicator shows what trends are present in the market at the moment, the strength of the impulse of the corresponding trend and its current state.

Input Parameters

  • LengthSample,bars - the length of historical data (sample);
  • Language_ENG_0_RUS_1- select language (0 - English, 1 - Russian);
  • Scale_LOW_0_HIGH_1 - information menu scale (0 - small, 1 - large).


To ensure correct display of the text in the Information menu, install the two fonts "Archangelsk" and "Digifacewide" in folder C:\Windows\Fonts.

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Version 3.0 2014.11.06
- Some graphical changes in the information menu.
- Fixed some errors.
Version 2.0 2014.09.17
Fixed some bugs.