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Fundamentals Of Finance

What factors are decisive force of currency exchange markets? Definitely, they are fundamentals of finance, includes: rate decision, PMI, GDP, CPI, retail sales, real estate, etc.

As you probably know, many financial institutions make trade decision based on fundamentals of finance.

Are you still analyzing and making trade by candle of currency-pair in chart, by MACD, RSI, Stoch, etc?....You are out! Now, you will enter the field of world's top professional trader.

This indicator analyzes economic calendar that from professional forex site, and establish fundamentals index base on user-defined event weighted.

Pay Attention: This indicator draws curves based on finance data, it doesn't use any currency-pair history data. Then, you can clearly understand what and why a currency is strong or weak.

Due to MQL5 market doesn't allow product with DLL, so this is semi-auto version indicator. You have to download economic calendar file in CSV format manually (Weekly on Sunday). You may directly download them from http://www.dailyfx.com/calendar, or "Comments" section of product.


  1. Create "EconomicCalendar" folder under the terminal_data_directory/MQL4/Files;
  2. Place CSV files (Don't change name of original file) into terminal_data_directory/MQL4/Files/EconomicCalendar folder;
  3. Download "EventWeighted.txt" file from "Comments" section of this product, place it into terminal_data_directory/MQL4/Files folder;
  4. Attach indicator to any symbol chart;
  5. No privacy data send out by indicator.

User-Defined Finance Event Weighted File

This is a simple text file, you can modify, add event item by yourself, letter case is insensitive. Example:

Weight,Importance,BetterMethod,"Keyword String"

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