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SimSim Waves Indicator Free

New and Original Indicator. "Wave Indicator or Indicator Ma."
It seems to me that it will be very promising and in demand, the indicator shows a lot of entry points to the market.
All entry points are not even known to the author, but he himself is in search of new features of his indicator !!!

The indicator draws 20 Waves or Ma, based on data from standard indicators.
Waves from No. 1 to 7 are fast.
Waves with No. 8 -13 medium
Waves with number 14-20 are slow

Looking at the figures that the indicator draws, you can see a lot of interesting points for entering the market.
For example: Intersection of levels, intersection of waves (Ma) among themselves, etc.
If you turn off the color of medium Ma, you can clearly see the picture of the intersection of slow Ma and Fast, which gives good signals for opening deals.
The screenshots show many situations where you could buy or sell.
The indicator works well on any time periods, and on any instruments.

This indicator instance in the category is free, because it only works with a pair of NZDCHF.
The full version of the indicator can be downloaded here:

To work with the indicator, it’s enough to configure only three main parameters: the indicator period, the type of price and the method of averaging standard indicators.

Period for indicators (0-999) - Period for indicators
Type of price indicators. - Type of price indicators.
Price Averaging Method - The method of averaging the price of indicators.

All other parameters for design: colors and sizes of arrows and lines, as well as warning signals.

Standard system signals # 0- # 6. - Standard signals of the system No. 0-No. 6.
First wave number Ma # 1 (1-20). - The number of the first wave for shopping Ma№1.
Indicator level for Buy (+100 -100). - The indicator level for purchases.
Second wave number Ma # 2 (1-20). - Second wave number for sales of Ma # 2.
Indicator level for Sell (+100 -100). - Indicator level for Sales.

The indicator is configured with 7 signals that can help in the work:

For purchases, indicate the wave number in Ma # 1, and enter the level for purchases.
For sales, specify the wave number in Ma # 2, and enter the level for Sales.
Signals on the monitor in the form of an arrow and or a vertical line.

0 signal: Buy signal - the intersection of level zero, waves with the number Ma # 1, for Sell the wave number in Ma # 2. Levels of purchase and sale = zero and do not change.
1 signal: - // - the intersection of the level for purchases, waves with the number Ma # 1, for Sell the wave number in Ma # 2. Their Levels for Purchases and Sales.
2 signal: - // - waves from Ma # 1 to Ma # 2 in one direction (everyone grows), for Sell differently. Their Levels for Purchases and Sales.
3 signal: - // - Ma # 1 crosses Ma # 2 from bottom to top, Sell from top to bottom. Their Levels for Purchases and Sales.
4 signal: - // - The wave with the number Ma # 1 is resold or the wave with the number Ma # 2 is overbought. Their Levels for Purchases and Sales.
5 signal: - // - Seven fast cross seven slow Ma from the bottom up Buy, otherwise Sale. Their Levels for Purchases and Sales.
6 signal: - // - Percentage signal for the instrument: buying is possible above zero, selling is lower. Wave Ma # 1 for shopping, wave Ma # 2 for sales. Their Levels for Purchases and Sales.

Type of signal arrow - Type of signal arrow
Vertical line style. - Vertical line style.
Signal Arrow Dimensions
Color of fast curves (1-7) - Color of fast curves
Color average curves (8-13) - Color average curves
Color of Slow Curves (14-20) - The color of the slow curves
Wave number for indication. 0 No indication - Wave number (Ma) for text indication.
Number Bar For History (1500) - Number bar for history

Alert message in the terminal (true / false) - Alert message in the terminal
Sound File or no file - Sound File
Signal to mail and mobile (true / false) - Signal for mail and mobile

For indicator testing only.
Text color - Text colors
Text Font Size - Text font size
Profit Color - Profit Color
Color of unprofitable results - Color of unprofitable results
Profit level for test (0-99999) - Profit level for test
Stop loss level for test (0-99999) - Stop level for the test
We collect statistics during testing (true / false). - We collect statistics when testing.
Save the test result to file (true / false). - Save the test result in a file.
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Version 1.1 2020.06.26
Some graphic objects remained on the chart, but had to leave the screen (deleted). Fixed.