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EA Follow the Price

*** Only 6 copies for $ 80 ***
*** Next price $ 100 ***
*** The final price will be $ 400 ***

EA Follow the Price is an intraday automated Expert Advisor that uses scalping strategies.

The EA trades pending orders and catches the best prices for triggering a pending order, which eliminates slippage at the broker and reduces the degree of risk.

EA Follow the Price does not use take profit levels, but only works with stop loss and trailing levels.

It can work with any trading tools and is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Suitable for currency pairs GBPUSDEURUSDUSDCAD and USDJPY, for trading on the M15M5 period. For other periods and pairs, you need to choose other trading settings.

ATTENTION! For correct trading, you need a broker with minimal spreads from 0 pips (better Raw Spread) and VPS with low pings.


Select Language - Select the language of the interface and messages. Two languages are available: 1. English; 2. Russian
Working Timeframe - working timeframe for calculations
Start Hour - the Hour when trading starts, according to the time in the terminal
End Hour - the End time of trading in the terminal
Max Spread, pips - Maximum allowed spread in pips
Average Spread - the Average spread for 30 ticks
Volatility Filter - ATR volatility Filter for filtering signals during a flat
Trading Type - Type of entry into the market. There are 2 choices: 1. Up, Down - Enters the market only break of the upper or lower indicator values; 2. Center, Up, Doun - Enters the market when breaking through the middle, top or bottom of the indicator values and is a more aggressive way to trade.
Send Push Notification - Sending PUSH messages to the smartphone terminal about trading operations 

Use Autolot - Enable / Disable automatic calculation of trading volumes
Autolot Size, money - Size in money for calculating autolot
Fix Lot (or Lot per AutolotSize) - Fixed lot size. When Use Autolot = False, this fixed volume will be used for trading. If Use Autolot = True, it will be used for volume calculations using the formula: Fix Lot * Balance / Autolot Size
Min Lot -  Minimum volume of orders for trading
Max Lot - Maximum order volume for trading
Stop Loss, pips - Stop Loss Level, specified in pips
Distance from the Price for a pending order, pips - distance from the current price to placing a pending order, specified in pips 

Trailing only in the profit zone - Trailing only in the profit zone. If the value is False, the EA will also track the stop loss in the loss zone of the order
Trailing Stop Size, pips - Distance from the current price to the Stop Loss level for trailing positions, specified in pips
Trailing Step, pips - the trailing Step for changing the Stop Loss level, specified in pips 

Show Info on the Chart - Enable / Disable the display of trading information and profit on the chart

Magic Number - the Magic number for orders, by which the expert Advisor distinguishes its orders from those opened by other expert advisors

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