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The Forex Calculator Demo

Every trading guru, every YouTube tutorial, every trading book and every experienced trader tells us to risk a certain predetermined percentage of our account on a trade. (This isn't gambling! They said).

But what they don't tell us is the number of computations it takes to balance the calculations of lot size, percentage risk and risk reward ratio all while ensuring the stoploss is the right number of pips away. 

Enter The Forex Calculator. This Expert adviser is designed to make your trading simpler and more organised. With it, you can leave the math to the algorithm and focus on the main agenda. 

Displayed parameters

1)  Percentage Risk 

2) Take Profit Level

3) Stop Loss Level

4) Risk Reward Ratio 

5) Lot Size

6) Risk Amount 


1) Functions as a Trading Panel 

2) Does all the Forex Math for You.

Note: This EA will only work in a Demo account. Here's the link for the EA to be used in a live account:


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