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Master Force Windows

This indicator will allow you to monitor the relative strength of individual currencies within the entire monetary basket.

Getting information on the strength of the currencies will be simple and immediate, as will the identification of any differences.

It is possible to have three different display modes.
In fact, it is possible to choose to display all the currencies, the currencies of the current symbol in evidence compared to the rest of the basket, or to isolate and display only the currencies of the symbol on which we are.

It works on all timeframes, but it is advisable to use it starting from 15 minutes.

In the options you can limit the number of bars that are used for the calculation.
It is possible to insert any prefixes or suffixes that on some brokers are inserted in the names of the couples.
It is possible to customize the colors.

There is also a ranking that puts the currencies of the basket in order of strength.

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Version 1.1 2020.06.27
Added new algorithm which includes volumes provided by the broker