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PendingOrders TradingEA

PendingOrders EA Utility is an Utility EA that works by opening both the Buystop and Sellstop pending orders at once.

When you get to a point where you can't really tell where the price will go next or after the release of a big news, what you need is simply plot your pending orders both up and down so that when the price move away from the point of stagnation, it will either move up or down, by this, you will catch most of the moves.

All the default setting are defined as the System demands but you should feel free to use your own setting according to your trading styles. Check the Screenshots and see what I meant.

With this Utility EA, you can do the following:

1. Use the Magic number to identify your orders opened by PendingOrders EA Utility, thereby it can work with other EAs on any MT4

2. You can move the On-chart Trade button panel to any position on the chart

3. You can choose to open just one of the Pending orders if you are sure of the direction and disable the other

4. You can also define the distance of the distance from the current price to avoid early trigger which may lead to loss

5. You can also set it to close the other pending order if one is being triggered

6. You can also re-set and re-position the buttons of the On-Chart-Symbol/Time-frame Changer up or down, left or right

7. On the On-Chart buttons, you can do these:

a. You can both the pending orders at the click of the first button "Open Buystop and Sellstop Orders"

b. Close Buystop order only

c. Close Sellstop order only

d. You can close Buy order only either with profit or loss

e. You can close Sell order only either with profit or loss

f. Close all the orders at once at a click of the button

With all these functions, I believe you will enjoy using this Utility EA. The rate of profit are more than its losses, you may not even incur any loss for a long time if you got the usage right. Take note of the Results in the screenshots and see that it makes consistent profits if done right.

However, practice using it with demo first and get it right before committing money.

Thanks for your interest, cheers and be full of green pips.

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