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SunCoin Lite
Francesco Grassi
- INTRO - There are 3 versions of the SunCoin Expert advisor: Lite, Standard and Elite, each of those coming with a different price and performance. For the moment i'm publishing only the Lite version, contact/email me for the other versions. This is not a grid/martingale EA. Every order placed has a clear and tight stop loss and a trailing stop system. This is an intense scalping EA for Gold pair (XAUUSD)   on 4H timeframe  and the result of many hours and hard work spent to optimi
189 USD
Francesco Grassi
Gravitas indicator – High quality / Non-repainting Signals for day trading If you are sick and tired of not being profitable each month or you simply want a safe earning while you are studying the markets or while you practice and master your strategy give this indicator a try. I called this indicator “Gravitas” as indication of seriousness and importance that trading is for me and respect for the market and the other traders involved in it. I developed it last
177 USD
Mouse Keyboard Trade Manager (MK Trade Manager) This is a simple and efficient Trade manager which allows to open/place, close and manage stop/limit orders (besides normal market orders) at mouse location  with just one keyboard shortcut. With the regular MT4 system, it requires 2-3 clicks to place orders and it can make you lose the momentum due to fast markets moves. I think that sometimes it's mandatory to be able to place limit or stops order quickly with just a simple click or a simple
30 USD