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Sableng Stochastic Sar

Trade signals of advanced parabolic sar, and stochastic indicator

Best used 1-2 hours after high impact news

after the robot makes an order and get a profit or loss, the robot will automatically stop, so your capital is maintained, you can set how many points you want, but you cannot change the loss you want, you can change the amount of loss you want if the order already occurred

tips take profit 50 to 150 points

You can set the robot active at a certain time

if the robot has gained profit or loss, the robot will be inactive, and to reactivate, just open the robot settings by pressing F7, the robot settings window will appear, then set it to your liking then ok

Margin minimum 3000

input setting

variable input
take profit 50->150 poin
Lot size 0.01->3 Margin minimum 3000
time frame indicator 5 , 15, 30, 60 (mnt)
Stochastic per K 5
Stochastic per K 3
Stochastic slow 3
Stochastic low  20
Stochastic high  80
start ea on the (Hour.Mnt) 1.15 (hour.mnt) Best used 1-2 hours after high impact news
step Sar 0.02
max Sar 0.2
slip page 2

This robot takes advantage of trends that occur in parabolic sar and the highest or lowest value of the stochastic indicator

if there is a high impact news that wants to be interrupted, you can set the EA to off by changing "start ea on the (Hour.Mnt)" with a value of 23.59, or 2 hours after the news release, for example the news release at 2.30, then set "start ea on the (Hour.Mnt) "at 4.30

-Set "start ea on the (Hour.Mnt)"

  1. asian season 1.00->4.00 be careful with news that has a big impact
  2. europe season 8.00->12.00 be careful with news that has a big impact
  3. american season 13.00->17.00 be careful with news that has a big impact

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