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TrendLineFr is a modification of the TrendLineD indicator. It draws trendlines by extreme points determined using the standard Fractals indicator. Unlike TrendLineD, this indicator draws two lines: support and resistance. It can display a trendline of a higher timeframe (set in the TimeFrame parameter). The line color and width are set in input parameters. The indicator can also generate an Alert and send an e-mail (parameters EnableAlert, EnableEmail, EnableSound) when a price bar crosses the trend line (the last closed bar is taken into account).

2016.09.25 20:07 

Vielen Dank für den tollen Indikator. Ich nutze ihn in M15 und H1 (BarsCount = 180). Danke, Alexey. Viele Grüße aus Deutschland ... :-))

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.30 12:09 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

vahid jannati
2016.03.04 14:33 

nice to use for making triangle traders.

Version 1.12 - 2016.07.04
-Option UseCurrentBar for enabling/disabling checking of a crossing on the current bar.
-The algorithm of checking crossing. Now it alerts when close price crosses support/resistance line.
Version 1.11 - 2015.10.05
Fixed bug with the TimeFrame option (the indicator didn't work with the current timeframe)
Version 1.10 - 2015.10.01
Added push-notification feature (EnablePushNotification option)