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Triple Edge


Expert adviser Triple Edge for Meta Trader 5 -  A stable and safe neural networks trading robot with a triple layer of perceptrons for perceiving and recognizing. 'Triple Edge', a standard Moving Average indicator driven pattern recognition system.

Triple Edge does not use any kind of dangerous trading techniques,orders always executed one at a time with dynamic (ATR) stop loss and take profit and as a complement a trailing stop to secure profits. Dynamic positions sizing or fixed lots risk assessment. Low initial deposit, you can start with $100-200 based on leverage 1:500.

Training Triple Edge's neural network

Training is fast and convenient,select currency pair and time frame and choose your desired 'in sample' period and check settings with #9-23,26,27,29,30 and follow the  range (start/step/stop) guide. A training 'in sample' period could be anything but recommended 6-12 months. Use default settings to trade only on EurUsd time frame H1 as the period training has been done for this pair and time frame. Trade other pairs? Then you need to re-train Triple Edge on the currency pair of your choice. Follow these two steps when you perform the training;

1. Do the first run with 'Open prices only'. Make sure you have set forward at least 1/2 or 1/3 of the total custom period you are using

2. Choose your desired best forward set found in training and do the final test with 'Every tick based on real ticks' . 

MT4 version can be found here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/50724

Adviser settings

  • Risk assessment - Dynamic position size percentage risk or fixed lots size
  • General settings - Pause trading,magic number, slippage,max traded spread
  • Perceptron weights - Weights 1-15
  • Order settings - Dynamic (ATR) stop loss and take profit factor multipliers
  • Trailing stop settings - Stop and step levels in pips ( 1 pip equals to 10 points )
  • Weekday/time settings - Select which five weekdays to trade or not Mon-Fri and hours to start/stop trading
  • Dashboard settings - Dashboard background and frame color adjustments


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Version 1.2 2020.06.08
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