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VTrende - MTF indicator for trend trading with a display panel for MT5

Although the signals of the VTrende indicator can be used as signals of a full-fledged trading system,
it is recommended to use them in conjunction with the Bill Williams TS.

The main task of the indicator - is to determine the points of change in the direction of the trend.

The indicator signal appears in two versions:

  1. Advance - when the trend ends
  2. To be continued - when the trend is already on

The indicator shows two types of signals:

  • Highlights - F1 / F2
  • Correction signals - C (filtered and unfiltered)

Signal types

  • Signal F1 - a signal of long-term trends, as a rule determines the impulse movement, which will develop smoothly, gradually gaining strength and speed, forming impulse waves
  • Signal F2 is a signal of fast / explosive movements and sharp impulses (shots), which can quickly end, forming Angulation.
  • Signal C is filtered, it is a signal of corrective movement that appears when the price follows along the Alligator.
  • Signal C is unfiltered, it is a signal of corrective movement that appears against the direction of the Alligator.

The strongest F1 / F2 signals will appear after:

  1. Divergence
  2. Angulations
  3. Combination of two signals F1 and F2
  4. Signal Combination F1 + 2C / 3C and F2 + 2C / 3C
  5. 2C/3C Signal Combination - After Angulation / Divergence or F1 / F2 Signals

Wave Counting and Wave Marking

  • By default, for the F1 / 2 signal, the indicator uses a signal level line with a duration of 140 candles, which allows you to see the time and level of the signal, as well as the time of the signal in relation to a certain part of the wave cycle.
  • In some cases, the indicator allows you to accurately determine the beginning of the five-wave cycle, forming a sequence of 3 signals F1 / F2.
  • Using the Alligator and Bill Williams system AO indicator, you can filter out false signals F1 / F2, which will be false and at the same time accurately determine the correction wave. Such signals will be false and traded in the opposite direction.

Fibo grid and indicator

  • The levels for the output can be determined by the FIBO grid, stretched to the signal level and the nearest peak by fractal
  • For signal F1 - you can keep targets from 161.8 - 421
  • For signal F2 - you can keep targets at 161.8 / 261.8
  • When a new wave or signal occurs, the Fibo targets change accordingly and are determined with respect to the new signal.

What is important to know:

  • Signals F1 / F2 can be signals of a certain part of the impulse part of the trend movement of a higher time frame. Therefore, you can search for F1 / F2 signals at the lowest TFs, in the direction of the older one. At the same time, goals can also be determined by the signal of a higher timeframe.
  • F1 / F2 signal stop levels - can be used as exit / entry levels
  • If the signal turned out to be false, you can trade from the level of its stop, simply by reversing the position.
  • The gray line on the chart is the stop line for the F1 / F2 signal. It can be set by the number of candles from the signal.

Indicator settings allow you to:

  • Monitor current or predetermined number of assets
  • Enable / Disable any signal on the chart or panel
  • Receive alerts for a given signal or combination of signals
  • Receive alert for given timeframes

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Version 2.13 2020.08.02
Fixed bug with displaying assets with spaces in their names.
Now assets in the list are separated by a character ; instead of a space

Examples of correct character entry are in the filled fields of the indicator
After ; it is unnecessary to put a space. Otherwise, an extra (empty) line will be added to the panel.