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Gibrid is an expert of a new generation, which has incorporated the Best development of automated trading in recent years. Designed for trading major currency pairs, it has protection against failures - when reconnecting, the adviser will continue to work with its orders. Fully Automated Advisor. The robot controls the volume of trading positions, slippage, spread, maintains and protects open orders, can work with deposits of any size. The adviser uses a number of unique authoring developments that have been successfully tested on real trading accounts. The EA can be used on most of the available trading instruments and features a small number of settings and simple installation. Does not use dangerous trading methods in trading, which lead to a sharp loss of the entire deposit (martingale, net, arbitrage, etc.). Each trade has Stop Loss and Take Profit protecting your deposit!

  • OnComment - display a comment on the screen (slows down the tester).
  • OnWithdrawal - simulate withdrawal of profit when earnings are 100% (it works during testing).
  • TypeFilling - set the order execution policy.
  • Lot - lot size for entering the market.
  • Risk - calculate a lot from a deposit.
  • Drawdown - the maximum drawdown at which closure occurs.
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread at which you can still enter the market.
  • CountSteck - the value of the stacks of ticks (maximum 9).
  • ReOptimization is a period of cyclical optimization.
  • CountTick - the number of ticks in the database for analysis.
  • MinPick - tick tick of the price (sensitivity of a single tick).
  • StepPips - step for a series of pulses (stack depth).
  • MaxPips - input per pulse or counter.
  • TP - desired take profit (adjusted by an expert).
  • SL - desired stop loss (adjusted by an expert).
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