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The advisor Excelsior combines different indicators and generates trades from both trend and flat strategies. The advisor is fully ready for the automated trading with EURUSD.

Currently, the advisor works with 4 indicators: Bollinger Bands (trend + flat), Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (trend + flat), MACD (trend + flat), Money Flow Index (flat), Parabolic SAR (flat), and Stochastic (trend + flat).

Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/833338 (+16% in the very first week).

The idea of this advisor is to open as many trades as possible from signals of different indicators on different symbols. This should bring in bigger profits, but also allows to collect a compensation for losing trades. The more symbols are working, the higher is the probability to collect a compensation. So the advisor does not have to wait losing trades to roll back to a profit zone.

The advisor calculates the timeframe values it needs, so your current timeframe does not matter.

You may close any trade manually if you consider it appropriate. You may open trades in the same account or use other advisors or indicators. It has no impact on the advisor.

The advisor closes losing trades according to its algorithm when the current trend changes. The initial stoploss is indicative and is set for internal calculations.

Properties of the advisor for EURUSD

All defaults

Properties of the Advisor for GBPUSD

Close losing trades (days) = 2

Trail = 50

Min trail = 5

Min trail time (hours) = 6

Properties of the Advisor for USDCHF

Close losing trades (days) = 5

Trail = 30

Min trail = 5

Min trail time (hours) = 0

Properties of the Advisor

Volume risk - it is used for calculating a volume for one trade. Acceptable values are: 1, 2, and 3, where 3 is the maximum risk (drawdowns of over 50% are possible).

Close losing trades (days) - a mechanism for closing losing trades after a number of days. The idea is to close all that is losing as soon as other trades create a common profit.



Min trail

Min trail time (hours) - a number of hours to activate a minimal trail. If a standard trail is not used, it is decreased to a minimal value after a number of hours.


Bollinger Bands - flag to engage/disengage the indicator.

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo - flag to engage/disengage the indicator.

MACD - flag to engage/disengage the indicator.

Money Flow Index - flag to engage/disengage the indicator.

Parabolic SAR - flag to engage/disengage the indicator.

Stochastic - flag to engage/disengage the indicator.

Period - this is used with all indicators.


Minimum deposit: 250 USD

Recommended deposit: 500 USD

Deposit currency: USD. You can test your deposit currency (if it is not USD). If results of a historical test with your deposit currency are similar, you can use your deposit currency. The one important difference may relate to a volume for one trade.

I plan to add other indicators and optimize the advisor for other symbols to increase the number of trades and improve profitability of the advisor.

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Version 1.5 2020.09.23
1. I optimized the code
Version 1.4 2020.09.21
1. I fixed compensation bug
Version 1.3 2020.09.21
1. New indicators MACD and MFI
2. New symbol USDCHF