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Trading box Quick Order

Quick Order is lighter version of Order Management without special detection functions. This is the reason for lower price.

Official website: http://www.mt4tradingbox.com/

Manuals: http://www.mt4tradingbox.com/quick-order/


Trading has never been so easy before.

Money Management

Tool will calculate right order size depends on your risk percentage per trade. It will calculate risk reward for every target and position size calculator mt4.

Safe Trading

Your market orders will be protected before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps. Your stoploss for sell positions will not be hit with Ask price.

Mobile Notifications

All events (functionalities) in Trading box Quick Order tool are supported with MT4 alerts and mobile push notifications.

Market Execution at Bid Price

Order box represents entry and exit for market order execution. Get the best possible prices with use of spread filter and execution at Bid price.

Order functions (features) Limit order Order box
Execution at Bid price NO YES
Hidden stoploss NO YES
Hidden entry NO YES
Order open Spread filter NO YES
Order open Time filter NO YES
Activate/deactivate orders NO YES
Target Risk Reward calculation NO YES
Lot size calculation by risk percentage NO YES
Total risk of grouped orders NO YES
Total profit of grouped orders NO YES
Breakeven level (Surender) NO YES
Activate/Deactivate orders at certain price NO YES
News spike order protection NO YES
Opening gap order protection NO YES
Ask price SL hount protection NO YES
Price action programing with lines NO YES
Placing orders when market is closed NO YES

Manage risk, calculate Risk Reward ratio and place alerts within seconds.

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genusTraderFX 2020.05.30 10:36 

this is amazing tool that enables me stress free scalping forex on lower time frames. Now i can focus only on trading and not on administrative work anymore like lot size calculation, risk reward ratio and much more anoying things that trader need to do for every trade

gtoFXsniper 2020.05.27 19:52 

i tested demo free version and everything worked well. Quick order tool saves me a lot of time and gives me better trading discipline

Version 1.2 2020.06.02
- buttons for retina display
- bug fixes reported by users