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SWing3 EA

 set the EA as Below

SWing3 EA

its an Expert Advisor that based on SWing3 indicator 100%. With customize lot and number of positions needed.

the SWing3 EA Works on all Times Frames all Pairs all stocks all metals oil etc .(i will send u the right set for each)

1- You cant add another indicator on chart while the EA working. (add swing3 indicator First then the SWing3 EA) to see the colors as the demo .But its works without it.
2- if you want to stop SWing3 EA in such chart remove it from chart. because when u press Ctrl-E all EAs will stopped and u will miss some chances in other charts and Trailing stop will stop Automatically
3- each chart work with one EA and different magic number u will add example: (chart#1)1231242 (chart#2)1231352
4- you can open more than 100 chart on same time if Your computer and internet can handle note(the Ea are very soft because its based on indicator directly no complicated algorithm needed while the indicator has it)
5- each chart has frame and EA(with different magic number).you can change the chart if u see better chance on other frame 
6- bigger frames no need to watch the colored area and has Ready sets to work on specially H12 H4 H1 Daily .(contact me for the sets and other questions)
7- manual trades open will not be managed by the EA. only those opened for EA. 
8  You need to attach the EA to every chart u want to use with different magic number

#9# Distribute the EA in all pairs and all frames. one chart= ( one pair with time frame )+EA Attached+ different magic number.
Works on all amounts.
Instant order.
Filter positions  must be (True)
Risk (2%)

AUTO MM (True)

Multi-frame(trend Filter): (true)  (Daily)                        

Take profit:5000

Stop loss: 3200

recommended execution number of positions (1) 
and make sure to change maxpendingorder    (8)                                                                                                     
                                       maxopenorder        (8)                                                                                                       
                                       maxlongorder         (8)                                                                                                   

                                       maxshortorder        (8)                                                                                                   

opposite position close  (true)

UseTstop (True)
Trailing stop Setting recommended for small Frames(m1) Trailing start 90

                                                                                      Trailing stop  50

                                                                                      Trailing Step  10

Recommended Lot for 500$ stack 0.01 for each trade and chance.
Leverage 1;500 for 500$ stack with previous lot.

Works better on Raw Spread account (commissions accounts) which  spread points is low in normal trading

The EA works on VPS its very soft.

If you want to see the colored area as the demo work you need to buy the indicator.
Read Indicator description
 Note :(Blue Area): The EA waiting to open sell positions
       (Red Area ): The EA Waiting to open Buy  positions

The Bigger is colored Area a stronger point u got.
The Cross outside the colored Area is the signal to open. For manual trade You can follow the Rule of indicator description. While the indicator SWing3 Already combined with EA.

Read the SWing3 indicator Description.

 Send tell with Receipt picture i will serve u with Sets and test Results. and any questions.

You dont need to buy the indicator to make the EA works

the price will be raise in this weekend(its EA+indicator combined in shadow)

MINISIGMA 2020.06.04 14:17 


Version 2.0 2020.06.29
improved swing3 trend oppsite
Version 1.10 2020.06.28
Multi-frames system
Risk management improvements