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LSM Pyramid Hedge EA

1. 100% automated trading system

2. Follow the trend  

3. It can be add more positions to the trend(Pyramiding)


EA1: Strategic Settings

Trade Direction: Buy_Only



Pyramid Hedge(Long+Short): true/false(add positions to both direction)

Hidden SL/TP Line: It can be hidden SL/TP line

EA2: Risk Management Settings

Risk Ratio: Calculate lot size by % of Balance

Close All(Buy or Sell) by Profit: true/false

TP: Calculate tp by % of current price(ask/bid)

Close All(Buy or Sell) by Loss: true/false

SL: Calculate sl by % of current price

TR: Calculate tr by % of current price(step by step)

Close All(Buy+Sell) by % of free equity: true/false

Free Equity: %

EA_3: Pyramid Hedge Settings

Pyramid_Up: true/false

Pyramid_Down: true/false

Pyramid Step: Calculate by % of Current Price

Close All(Buy+Sell) by opposite signal: true/false

EA4: Signal Settings

Signal_01: tf 

Signal_02: tf

Signal_03: tf


EA5: Trading Time Settings

Server Time

EA6: Max Order/Spread Settings

Max Order: per each direction

EA7: Magic Number Settings

Magic No: Manage open position by Magic No

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Ahmed Sarıkaya
Ahmed Sarıkaya 2020.06.03 23:16   

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166953 2020.05.21 16:26   

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Version 1.2 2020.07.06
Fixed minor bugs