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Silent Profit Close


Silent Profit Close order management utility tool (expert adviser) manage your existing open positions made by another expert adviser you use or your manual opened orders and closes them with virtual take profit and stop loss levels. Adviser operates in complete silenced virtual mode, no visual levels present more than a colored arrow object drawn when the monitored position been closed whether it's in profit or loss to mark it's closing position on chart.

How to use this utility?

Simple, open up a chart - any chart and time frame is fine as monitoring controlled from one single chart only. Attach this adviser to it,specify symbol and magic number (0 for manual order) you wish to monitor plus the position type - Buy,Sell or both and set your desired virtual profit level in which you wan't your position to be closed. It's also possible to monitor stop loss levels (optional) and if you choose to use this don't forget to set the desired virtual stop loss level. Also,if your positions already have take profit and/or stop loss levels present,make sure this advisers virtual levels are below the actual position levels.

Strategy tester

While running this utility in strategy tester you can choose what order types should be use in the demonstration purpose.

Settings menu

  1. Set magic number to monitor - Selects and monitor orders with corresponding ID
  2. Set symbol to monitor - Monitor your selected symbol
  3. Symbol prefix input - Use this if your symbol has prefix and manually input it here
  4. Symbol suffix input - Use this if your symbol has suffix and manually input it here
  5. Position type to monitor - Chose what to monitor - Buy,sell or both positions
  6. Set desired virtual take profit pips - Closes your position at this profit level
  7. Monitor order stop loss - Optional to use, if used it also monitor position stop loss
  8. Set desired virtual stop loss pips - Closes your position at this level in loss
  9. Virtual position close arrow object color - Marks on chart were the actual position was closed


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    Version 1.1 2020.08.15
    This version;
    1: A tiny pointer bug fix