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Recommended settings: for every $100 - 0.01 Lot. For aggressive trading lot can be increased (selected during tests).

Other settings are default.

The EA is set to work with 5-digit quotes. To work on 4-digit quotes, take-profit size should be divided by 10.

Averaging is used. Increase of lot of averaging orders (the Martingale System) can be enabled, however, is not recommended due to increased risk.

The default settings are appropriate for EURCHF, TF - M15. However, the Expert Advisor can work on all currency pairs, flat pairs are preferred.

Zhuo Hu
Zhuo Hu 2018.09.05 15:29 

Very good EA, recommended purchase!

felixchang 2018.02.20 15:26   

Getting good result initially. Then I realized how the EA worked when it eventually killed my account. It kept on opening trades in the same direction with higher lot size, in the hope that the trend will reverse in the correct direction. Well, some time it did not.

I could not find any money management to cut the loss so finally I was chewed alive.

Good lesson learned.

V2A2014 2015.08.18 13:54 

Geeting some profit on EURUSD Real ECN account !!!!

Gary Davis
Gary Davis 2015.02.24 04:27 

Getting very good profits on 3 pair. I believe it is worth a try.