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Grid Master Trend

The 'Grid Master Trend' is an easy-to-set Expert Advisor. The most important 'settings' are to manage risk correctly.

Risk can be managed through number of lots, lot increase per trade, distance per trade, stop loss, trailing stop, profit, levels for trades, delta and orders pending by limit or by stop individually or making a trailing grid.

You can use a cent account. Low spread and fast execution desirable, specially for very tight strategies like starting at 100 usd/eur. Use VPS for 24/7 results. 

All currency pairs / All timeframes

M1 / M5 / M15 are the fastest ones

It is recommended to test in a Demo Account for at least 1 week. It is important to manage the High and Low levels of the market and create a strategy to reduce risk according to it. Be careful during news events, although the Buy Stop or Sell Stop could be useful for those situations but in ranging trends Limit Buy or Limit Sell orders work better. 

Settings at Backtesting Results shown:

  • Lots=0.01
  • Maximum Lots=10
  • Increasing Lot=1
  • Increasing Step Distance=1
  • Account Loss=4500
  • Account Profit=50
  • Stop Loss=0
  • Take Profit=0
  • BULevel=0
  • BUPoint=30 / Only active if BU Level over 0, so it is the same as 0
  • Trailing Stop=5
  • Step=10
  • Delta=10
  • Order Count per direction=5
  • Slip=3
  • Expiration=1
  • Magic Number=123
  • Buy Limit=false
  • Sell Limit=false
  • Buy Stop=true
  • Sell Stop=true
  • Grid Trailing=false

I do not:

  • provide guarantee or promise of profits

Good testing and Risk Management has to be made in order to get profits.

If you are looking for a faster Strategy, you can find GridMasterTrend x RISK https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/50053

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