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Alpha Multi


Expert adviser Alpha Multi  - 100% fully automated algorithmic secure and stable multi trading robot. Developed primary to trade currencies but may work on other instruments as well. Adviser can trade up to maximum 28 currency pairs from one single chart, possible to subtract unwanted pairs or add other instruments than currency as well including these 28, kinda no limits what to trade. Works on any time frame, but recommended to trade H1 or H4.

Long term trend trading system and trades are less frequent!

Adviser comes configured by default to trade 12 currency pairs on chart H4 (240 min) - AUDUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY,AUDCAD,AUDCHF,AUDJPY,CADCHF,EURCAD,EURCHF,EURGBP,GBPCHF,GBPJPY

How to trade with this adviser?

Alpha Multi can trade a single instrument/chart or multi trading with various instruments from one single chart which means you only attach it to one chart only. I would recommend to use not less than $300-400 if all 12 pairs traded based on 400-500 leverage. Make sure that chosen pairs you have selected to trade with also visible in your terminals market watch!


      • No dangerous trading techniques used such as martingale, hedging or any other
      • Low draw down
      • Not hyper sensitive to spreads and slippage
      • Order always executed one at a time/symbol with stop loss and take profit levels
      • Fixed or dynamic take profit and stop loss 
      • Fixed or dynamic Trailing stop & break even
      • Spread filter - Avoid trading on extremely wide spreads
      • Risk assessment - Fixed contract size or dynamic position sizing risk % 
      • 3-Day negative swap filter - Wednesday night swap fees are charged at triple rate the usual rate. To avoid getting charged negative swap fees on open order (if order swap is negative and if there are an open order) it can be closed automatically Wednesday evening.
      • Weekday manager - Chose what day(s) to trade on and advisers active trading hours
      • Indicator Stochastic oscillator and a custom developed indicator named AMAi (customized MA - Download here) used in advisers signals
      • On chart dashboard showing you vital information about the actual chart instrument it's attached to and multitasking operations.
      • Informative journal logs printed out for each event for later studying or possible error handling.

          Adviser settings

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          Reviews 1
          sama superfund
          sama superfund 2020.06.06 08:42 

          Great work Ken

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          sama superfund
          sama superfund 2020.06.06 08:42 

          Great work Ken

          Version 1.6 2020.09.08
          This version;
          1: Completely new rebuilt trailing stop and break even functions
          Version 1.5 2020.08.22
          This version;
          1: Multi tasking pointer bug fix ( JPY )
          2: Settings menu updated
          3: Adviser settings updated
          4: Default settings now trades 12 pairs (see Product description for details)
          Version 1.4 2020.06.12
          This version;
          1: Additional account/setting/order checks added
          Version 1.3 2020.06.10
          This version;
          1: Order module checked and parts of it re-coded to deal with tp/sl issues
          Version 1.2 2020.06.06
          This version;
          1: Possible bug fix stop level handling
          Version 1.1 2020.05.16
          This version;
          1: An alert message was removed