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Atomic direction Trend Power Currency Strength Pro

The "Atomic direction Trend Power Currency Strength Pro" indicator measures the strength of the up and down trend of the 8 main currencies USD-EUR-GBP-AUD-JPY-CAD-CHF-NZD

Principal functions:

1) Show the current position of 7 currency pairs simultaneously.

2) Sort the position of each currency pair according to the market level.

3) Calculate and indicate the main trend of each currency.

This indicator unites the main elements of the market information by means of correlations, simplifying buy or sell signals, indicating the direction of the price for each currency.

It is recommended for scalping use


It is better to buy or sell when the percentage is greater than 70%
When an arrow appears, it indicates whether the currency is strong or weak, whether we should buy or sell depending on the location of the evaluated currency corresponding to its currency pair.
Formula and values

The strength of each market movement is determined by its direction by comparing through correlations.

We only choose the currency that we are going to evaluate (USD-EUR-GBP-AUD-JPY-CAD-CHF-NZD) and the indicator will tell us if that currency is strong or weak.


Example 1:

If we evaluate USD and an Up arrow appears, it means that we must buy in USD / CAD and sell in EUR / USD.



If we evaluate CAD and a Down arrow appears, it means that we must buy in EUR / CAD and sell in CAD / JPY.

The important thing is to locate the base currency.

Each user is recommended to adjust the period to evaluate according to their trading strategy

· Currency: Currency

Scale: 200

· Inverse: false

MA: false

· Period: 14

· Ma Only: false

· Direction Period: Fast (3-20) Medium (21-40) Slow (41-60) Recommend 30


Because the correlations work in real time, the history of the 28 currency pairs must be loaded for viewing.

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Version 1.1 2020.05.10
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