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RFX Delta Volume Demo

Note: This demo version works on CADJPY symbol only. For the full version with Buy/Sell signals and alerts please visit: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/48630

RFX Delta Volume is an indicator to show bullish and bearish volumes separately for each trading candle. The indicator uses history data of one minute (M1) to estimate the true bullish and bearish volumes in a sub-window. There are two modes of operations for this indicator. In mode "Delta Volume", the indicator shows the difference in bullish and bearish volumes. In mode "Bull & Bear Volumes", the indicator shows both bullish and bearish volumes at the same time for each trading candle. It is recommended to use both modes at the same time for each chart to better see the trade opportunities. The buffers of the indicator are all available for those who want to use this indicator in their Expert Advisors.

Input Parameters

  • Load M1 History Data?: If set to true, the indicator first loads all available history M1 data from your broker's server.
  • Look back (bars): The number of candles that the indicator will look back to estimate and show delta volumes.
  • Mode: Delta Volume or Bull & Bear Volumes. Please see the description above.

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Version 1.4 2020.04.21
- Bug fix: Loading M1 history data from server.
- Improved performance.
Version 1.3 2020.04.20
- Bug fixes.