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Telegram to MT4 Bridge

Telegram to MT4 bridge EA is the utility for anyone who wants to COPY TRADES FROM ANY FORMAT TO MT4.

This EA is capable of being modified as you want to take any trading signals from any signal provider.

Join the Chat to ask questions about my product : link

In order to make the EA work correctly, you need a free tool that is at your disposal in the Comment section.


  • EXECUTION TIME : Compared to other products you might find on MQL5 market, this software has a very low execution time that can go down to 10 Ms AT PEAK(I set it up to 500 Ms to avoid overloads)
  • CHANGE THE SIGNAL PATTERN: easily modify the structure of the pattern to be recognized to make it work on any provider, you also have a test section where you can verify that the pattern you put is correct.
  • FILTER ONLY THE WANTED CHANNELS: to avoid taking wrong signals.
  • TRADE ALL ORDER TYPES: Buy, Sell, Limit and Stop orders are included in this EA.
  • SYMBOL FILTER BLACKLIST: some exotics pairs you do not want to trade ? just add them to the blacklist !
  • MAX PRICE DIFFERENCE FILTER: Only trade when the price difference (between the real entry price and the signal entry price, only for BUY AND SELL) is not too far from the given value range.
  • BREAK EVEN OPTION : To secure all your trades and make them positive whatever happens


  1. Lot Sizing : You have the choice between a fixed lot sizeor a risk based lot size (depending on the % of your account you want to risk)
  2. TP & SL: If you want to use your personal fixed stop levelsyou can activate this option, otherwise it will just normally copy the signals TP and SL, watch out because it's in PIPS

  3. BreakEven : At a certain point of profit (default is 20 pips) it will move your StopLoss to the profit 0, so if the trades goes back, you won't loose any money
  4. BlackList : Activate this option and all the symbols seperated by a ; will not be handled while receiving signals from your provider.


This program is the safestmade in terms of crashing or message handling, but still we got to make sure that no signal is missed because time is money. Follow the steps and you'll be fine :

  1. Download the Free toolthat I posted in the comments.
  2. Unzip it and install it (don't worry everything is automatic)
  3. Execute the program Telegram to MT4 Bridge
  4. Write your number into the program and click 'Login'
  5. Check your Telegram, you usually receive within seconds a verification code
  6. Copy the verification code into the program and you're now connected !
  7. Now you need to configure the Pattern (what I suggest is you copy a signal as it is WITH EMOJI'S and you replace the keywords with {symbol}, {trend}, {entry_price}, {tp}, {sl} at the exact same spot)
  8. When you're done configuring, click 'Send' on the other window.
  9. And take an old signal, or a sample to verify that it works, if it didn't work just try again
  10. The program is going to ask you if you want to filter channels ?
  11. How many ?
  12. Whats the name of the channel (put either the title name WITH EMOJI'sor the chat id or the username, it will find it)
  13. if the channel was found (even if It's private my Program will find it) then you're good to go !

When you try it in demo, it will only work in the strategy tester.

If you have the error " [ERROR] text wasn't sent because invalid format"  which is a pretty much common error, make sure your signal was right with enough spaces, it's better to have more than not enough spaces !

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Version 1.1 2020.05.13
Now the strategy tester only shows the signal instead of trying to take it. It's way more easier now to visualize the signal and that it works right.