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CI DashBoard Ichimoku Price Kijun

Do you like to trade kijun folds?

This DashBoard is probably the tool you absolutely need!

This DashBoard searches for you the price declines on kijun, in other words the values which came to touch or almost touch their kijun during the session. But that's not all, this DashBoard is also configured to filter values from the start of a trend and having a chikou completely free of all resistance. You can from the settings window choose the level of approach of the price compared to the kijun. The DashBoard is configured to 0.15 or 15% by default, you are free to modify this value. You can also customize the display of the indicator by changing the size and color of the text, the spaces between the line and the columns, changing the colors of the warning signals. You are free to choose between live signals (the candle in progress) or closing (the last whole candlestick).

DashBoard fully customizable to your trading space

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  • Sending alerts by email
  • Sending alerts by MetaTrader4 Notification App
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) function

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